Our Products

My Magic cleaning offers a variety of supplies to bring to your home. Prior to our cleaning, we will discuss if there are any preferences in our cleaning supplies to prevent smell sensitivity issues or other causes. We bring supplies

Pet Friendly

Your best friends are our friends too. We enjoy working with a little motivation from dogs, pets, iguanas, hamsters, you name it. Whatever pet you have, we’ll be sure they’re as satisfied as you.


Stairs can be tricky, and sometimes dangerous, to clean. At My Magic Cleaning, we are highly experienced in cleaning wooden and carpeted stairs.

Wood Floors

Wooden floors are hard to take care of. Minor stains can cause major trouble for wood floors, regular cleaning is recommended. However, My Magic Cleaning can assist you in bringing back some shine to your wooden floor, making it look


Hallways are the limbs of your house. Each one connects one important area of you house to the next. Maintaining a proper, clean hallway can reduce clutters and unamused guests. Let us clean your house and your hallways will receive


Where do you and your guests often hangout in your house? that’s right. The living room is an essential gathering space for families, friends, guests and anyone who has been welcomed into your house. It’s important to keep your living


Countertops collect a large amount of dirt. Every food item you bring out from the fridge often makes their way to a counter, and sometimes counters remain unwashed for weeks. We’ll wipe and disinfect your countertops.


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We make sure to go in depth and clean every detail from a sing. Clogged sink? My Magic Cleaning has got you covered.